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After a successful career in real estate, in Chicago, Manhattan and Tel Aviv, Ellie Lavi, 43, decided it was time to have a baby on her own. She realized that the traditional route of dating, marriage and baby, was not happening; the endless dates were not leading to her goal of having a family. It was depressing and disappointing.

The decision to become a single mother was a difficult one and navigating the process was frustrating, confusing and wrought with tension. She relied on forums and bits of information from the internet and friends of friends. Most of the health care professionals didn’t have the time to sit and explain the process in detail. After four failed IVF attempts, Ellie became a mom to twins Shira and Maya.

As a result of her experience, she concluded that what was most wanted and needed was someone on whom to rely who had the information, the time to provide it, the ability to listen, the strength to support, and the warmth and compassion everyone needs and deserves, especially during this very tumultuous, emotional and stressful process.

Ellie is now a certified coach dedicated to helping single women fulfill their desire to be moms.

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תודות ומילים יפות

Ellie- Thank you for providing an invaluable service....E.F.

ליאורה ..אין לי מילים להודות לך. שבאתי לפגישת הכרות הייתי חסרת כיוון וממש לא ידעתי איך להגשים את הכמיהה שלי להיות אמא. עזרת לי להתמקד ועוד 6 שבועות בע"ה אני אהיה אמא תודה רבה מכל הלב... ש.נ

Ellie- Thank you for being a mentor, guide, friend and an amazing mom! You have become my role model. N.T

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FIVE sessions for the price of TWO!
Are you thinking about taking the huge leap to solo motherhood? Are you scared? unsure? under pressure? Let's meet and talk it through and help you make the right decision for YOU.
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International ladies: skype sessions are an option

Ellie is a certified  life coach dedicated to helping single women fulfill their desire to be moms.

Tel: +972(0)54.5831556
email: ellie18@bezeqint.net
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