Are You Over 35 and feel the clock ticking?

Do you want children but since you’re not in a committed relationship you feel you can’t have any?

Do you go on dates but don’t seem to meet anyone appropriate or right?

Are you afraid that you will run out of time and never have a child?

Are you concerned what your friends and family will say if you dare to have a baby on your own?

Are you afraid you don’t have what it takes to be a mom?

Are you moving to Israel and want more information on navigating the healthcare system in pursuit of fertility treatments?

Are you living abroad but want to take advantage of Israel’s top notch Fertility Tourism options?
If you’re unwilling to give up on your desire to be a parent and you want support, information and advice call me. I have been there which is why I have dedicated myself to helping you reach your goal of motherhood.

I will provide you with the information you need; but mostly the hand to hold, the shoulder to cry on, the ear to listen, and the time to really listen and support you through the process.

Thanks and Comments

תודות ומילים יפות

Ellie- Thank you for providing an invaluable service....E.F.

ליאורה ..אין לי מילים להודות לך. שבאתי לפגישת הכרות הייתי חסרת כיוון וממש לא ידעתי איך להגשים את הכמיהה שלי להיות אמא. עזרת לי להתמקד ועוד 6 שבועות בע"ה אני אהיה אמא תודה רבה מכל הלב... ש.נ

Ellie- Thank you for being a mentor, guide, friend and an amazing mom! You have become my role model. N.T

 **Introductory offer**

FIVE sessions for the price of TWO!
Are you thinking about taking the huge leap to solo motherhood? Are you scared? unsure? under pressure? Let's meet and talk it through and help you make the right decision for YOU.
For details contact me or 054.583.1556
International ladies: skype sessions are an option

Ellie is a certified  life coach dedicated to helping single women fulfill their desire to be moms.

Tel: +972(0)54.5831556
skype: ellie.lavi

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